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As we approach the relaxation of lockdown restrictions we announce two Community Events!

See our "EVENTS PAGE" for details of OPEN GARDENS and GARAGE SALE!


Some of you will have received a leaflet through your door advertising an "Invitation to a Virtual Exhibition". This is an announcement of the developers pre-application consultation on the design of the new community's Local Centre (the composition of which is, in part, secured through a legal agreement relating to the outline planning consent for the 750-home first phase of development). Local Centre uses include retail, community, healthcare, primary school and play areas.

When we've attended developers' exhibitions as a community in the past, we have had some impact on the plans subsequently put forward for planning application. For example, in the first draft Masterplan, homes were originally planned alongside Centurion Way instead of the Country Park field (the Country Park area was on the top of the hill alongside West Broyle). There were several other reasons for the change, but perhaps our feedback helped. Likewise, when detailed planning consent was sought for public playing fields and a changing pavilion (cricket and football and rugby), the plans were changed to include social and kitchen space in response to feedback from the public and sport authorities, even though there was no planning obligation to do so.

This time, the developers are planning to do the whole thing online. We have no idea yet how effective that will be, but it certainly excludes anyone who does not use the internet, so please talk to friends and neighbours about the proposals and their interests and concerns - they can let the developers know they want to be involved too.

Visit the Consultation & Exhibition Website

Mayor's Hardship Fund

If you, or someone you know in Chichester, needs financial help for something essential that you otherwise can't scrabble together the funds to pay for somehow, help may be available. For anyone who has no money or resources to fall back on, an unexpected expense, bill or broken electrical appliance can cause extreme stress and worry. The Mayor’s Hardship Fund was set up to meet this need, and is being administered by the Chichester Welfare Trust. 

To apply for help: please contact Richard Edward Plowman, our Mayor and local City Councillor, on 07740 621812 in the first instance. There is no form-filling, and the process is very quick. (If your needs fall outside the remit, or capacity, of this new fund, there may be other avenues to explore.)

To donate: the Fund has been established with a contribution of £5,000 from Chichester City Council, and further sources of funding are being explored. If you would like to contribute, please do so via the Mayor's Appeal gofundme page. (Donations are eligible for Gift Aid). At its online meeting on Tuesday 19th July, PRA Committee agreed that £100 would be donated from PRA funds.


Corona Virus Support

West Sussex Community Hub for

COVID-19 Support:

Tel 0330 222 7980 8am to 8pm every day

Ask for help OR volunteer

also online at West Sussex County Council

Are you vulnerable and in need of urgent support or advice because of COVID-19, or worried about someone other than yourself? Perhaps your personal circumstances have changed such that you need support now, or you may need support if the isolation period continues?

The first port of call is West Sussex Community Hub for COVID-19 Support, Telephone 0330 222 7980 8am to 8pm every day. More information is on the West Sussex County Council Website.

More information and local contacts for Corona Virus Support is available HERE

PRA Annual General Meeting - 8th May

We regret the PRA AGM has to be postponed due lockdown. For more information please email chair@pra-chi.org.uk.


More details about PRA events in the future and online fun and competitions during lockdown are available HERE