Why join the PRA?

PRA is funded by donations and grants it is a not for profit organisation but it costs money to run.

Joining us with a voluntary donation would help us help you.

If you can afford to join us it would be much appreciated and you will really be helping your local community.

So where does your money go?

Events – our regular events are run by volunteers but with every event comes the cost of printing leaflets to publicise it, printing tickets for the events, teas, coffees, milk, sugar and cakes etc. Cakes – we all need cake!

Technology – we have to pay to host a website and a system to send out newsletters.

Printed Newsletters – we print a regular newsletter, this costs to have it printed.

Venues – although our partners are very generous with rates we have to pay to hire halls for events like the AGM, Quiz nights, Halloween parties and more.

What do you get?

Along with all the events we organise we are proud that we have helped with the following over the last few years…

  • We raised funds for the defibrillator located near the shops.
  • Local trees, along with our local Tree Warden we raised money to plant over 50 trees in the area.
  • We campaigned against the White House Farm development and although we were unsuccessful in stopping it we had a large say in several changes and this continues with Phase 2.
  • Southern Access Road – we continue to campaign for the best solution to this to keep the new traffic away from Parklands.
  • Post Office – we helped save the local Post Office from closure a few years ago.
  • Phone Box – we helped secure the phone box and will soon see it used for other uses.