What is the PRA?

PRA (Parklands Residents’ Association) was founded in 1991 as a non-profit making and inclusive organisation to represent our local area.

PRA covers the area south of St Paul’s Road which is bounded by Parklands Road/ Hawthorn Close on the east, Centurion Way, Newlands Lane and Salthill Lane on the west, and Westgate on the South. Anyone living in this area can join PRA for a small subscription fee; residents of outlying areas can become “friends” at the discretion of the Committee.

PRA was set up with three aims:

  • To encourage community spirit and good neighbourliness in Parklands
  • To maintain and improve the envirionment and amenities of Parklands
  • To promote the interests of Parklands Residents 

Membership is by subscription and is open to any household in the Parklands area; “friends” living nearby are also accepted at the discretion of the Committee.